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Fitting Instructions for Vinyl Decals

Our vinyl wall decals come supplied mounted to a release liner and covered with an application film. Simply follow the instructions below: 1. Peel back the release liner off a couple of inches to reveal the adhesive side. 2. Place the vinyl in position, pressing the adhesive side onto the wall. 3. Slowly peel the white backing off while firmly pressing the vinyl onto the wall. 4. Firmly press the vinyl making sure the adhesive has made contact. 5. Slowly peel the application film/paper off. 6. Ta Da!

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 3 Easy Steps To Afix Your Wall Art / Silhouette

Removable self-adhesive pads are provided with all wall art and each Large and Medium Silhouette. These are strong enough to take the weight and fix onto your walls without any damage to them. This makes it quick and easy to readjust them to the perfect position on your wall, simply follow the steps below:  1. Stick the strip to the back of the silhouette and peel the backing off.       2.  Spread the strips across the silhouette evenly.      3. Then gently press against the wall.       Done!          

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5 Top Reasons To Buy Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are a great way of showing someone you have given their special occasion some extra thought; it will be something they want to treasure; it will be suitable for them no matter what their age, gender or interests and will be unique!

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