How Can Silhouette Wall Art Transform A Space?

Silhouettes are illustrated outlines filled with a solid colour (normally black), and represent the shape of an object without revealing any other visual details. Capturing this moment creates impressive imagery and the designs are naturally evocative.  

The beauty of the silhouette is in the aesthetics of a shape. It is the absence of colours, rich textures, patterns, or other distractions which make the pure silhouettes impressive when showcased as artwork.   

Silhouettes have been used throughout history to create interesting art - not just those pieces of work found in museum or galleries but silhouette art can be found in public places, homes, offices and other spaces.  

Silhouette wall art can create some very interesting spaces in everyday life, it is the natural simplicity of the silhouette which makes it ideal when adorned to a wall; transforming a space. For example, the use of a silhouette wall art in an office boardroom can create an inspiring and interesting focal point with a touch of class, without any garish colour or texture distractions.  

Silhouette wall art in the home can be used to create a stunning entrance hall or cosy snug. A silhouette of a beautiful oak tree would be perfect in creating a positive and meditative environment, evoking feelings of relaxation. Or how about a large electric guitar - perfect inspiration for an aspiring musician or a head banging rock God.  

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