Life Size 3D Silhouettes

A unique opportunity to buy a life size silhouette art piece with a 3D effect!

We are very lucky that we own large ARISTO flatbed cutting machines and so we can create products which are literally life size – from the ballerina to the real sized electric guitar and even a lion! The maximum cutting area is 2450mm x 1600mm – so we do offer some products which are not life size – i.e. the London skyline and the elephant have to be miniature replicas, but they are still very impressive!

Delivered whole – the life size silhouette arrives to you in one solid piece. The material is 10mm thick which gives the silhouette a great depth to the wall to really help it to stand out - creating a 3D effect! The life size silhouettes are very easy to apply (see our Installation page). 

Everyone is fascinated by the high quality of our silhouettes! The expanded PVC (also known as foamex) is dense, but our machines are able to slice their way through the material with precision and reliability. 

The beauty of it all is that everything is made to order directly in our studio based in Ashford, Kent. From the moment you place your order we assure you that each silhouette is made with attention to detail. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.