Top 5 Silhouettes To Transform Any Office!

Wondering what artwork to put on your office wall? Then why not choose a silhouette!

Whether you work on your own from home or you’re part of a big team in a large office - adding silhouette wall art can add personality to your work environment, whilst ensuring it continues to look professional. Adding art to your office walls is a great way to transform any space into an extension of your brand and philosophy. Here are our top 5 picks! 

No. 1: Tree

This tree silhouette is ideal for any nature lovers or for an office to help balance some of the stressful demands of everyday life. It is a very stylish piece which works well on any background.  

No. 2: London Skyline

The London skyline is the perfect centerpiece for your office. As one of the most popular cities in the world it creates a stunning silhouette which is a great talking point. Available up to 2 metres wide and 1 meter high to create a very impressive feature.   

No. 3: Big Cat

Big Cat's are venerated for their strength, pride and courage – perfect philosophies for any successful work environment. The Big Cat is a great statement piece, guaranteed to be noticed and make your office memorable.  

No. 4: Ballerina

The Ballerina in first position is a classy and timeless piece of artwork. This silhouette works well in lots of different office environments and at life-size it really is something to admire. 

No. 5: Dragon

The legendary 'Dragon' is a symbol of power, strength & good luck. Hanging a Dragon silhouette to your office wall will create a fascinating visual effect and a great talking piece, helping your office to stand out. 

Hopefully you agree all 5 pieces are guaranteed to create a statement piece and transform any office space. We are adding more designs constantly, so keep your eyes peeled for more blogs and inspiring silhouette ideas.