What's the difference between vinyl decals and vinyl stickers?

The terms vinyl stickers and vinyl decals are often used interchangeably but they are actually very different. We offer vinyl wall decals and personalised stickers – it’s important to understand the difference so that you know what you are buying!

What are vinyl decals?

Here is a selection of our vinyl wall decals.


You can see that they are all of the same colour – this is because decals are cut from one single roll of vinyl. We use our Aristo cutting machine to cut out any shape from the vinyl material. Our cutting machine is computer controlled, using a blade to cut incredibly intricate designs from vector files.  

We kiss-cut the material – this is where the blade only slices through the vinyl and not deep enough to cut the through the backing material. It means the vinyl decal can be peeled out of the backing material and the backing material remains intact.

What are stickers?

Unlike decals, stickers can be multiple colours because they are printed onto a material which has an adhesive/ sticky backing. We use a material called polypropylene which is environmentally friendly and recyclable (unlike standard vinyl stickers which contain chlorine). We then use the same Aristo flatbed cutting machines to cut the stickers in the same way as the decals. Our stickers are suitable for any nonpainted surface. We offer personalised stickers which are great as gifts, merchandise, wedding favours or treat yourself!

Simply upload your design – we will send you a proof and then we will make your personalised stickers for you!