Big Cat 3D Silhouette - Cutting Image
Big Cat 3D Silhouette - Cutting Image

Big Cat 3D Silhouette

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This Big Cat Silhouette is a simple and impressive way to add a very large 3D focal point to any room. The large size measure at Life Size (or near enough) you can guarantee it is a unique piece to capture everyone's attention.

The beauty of the silhouette keeps the origins of this 'Big Cat' a mystery - it could be a leopard, cheetah, lioness, tiger or jaguar - you decide. 

Perfect for hanging in a bedroom, living room, dining room, or anywhere for all of your friends and family to admire. 


  • Made To Order
  • Materials: Expanded PVC.
  • Extra Large Size Made In 10mm Material For Extra Durability.
  • Large Size Items Made in 5mm Material To Ensure Intricate Details Are Achieved.
  • Please Be Aware Sizes Are Approximate.
  • Bespoke Packaging & Self-Adhesive Strips Included To Attach The Silhouette To Your Wall Without Leaving A Mark!
Using the latest, high speed, blade cutting technology from Aristo, along with intelligent design and production software, everything is cut with precision, ensuring a high quality finish to all of our products.